Tuesday, 30 August 2011

pretty green eyes, so full of sparkle and such light..

Songs which inspire you...
just a quickie post here! i was listening to my old music and i rediscovered the TUNE 'pretty green eyes' and was inspired to create this look..
i think it's lovely and works well with my blue eyes! I used mainly ELF products with the exception of my collection 2000 mascara ''big fake'' which i LOVE.

here's the song incase you've never heard it :)
Pretty Green Eyes


this is YELLOW by Barry M. such a beautiful vibrant colour, this only took two coats. it's more of an orange based yellow compared with ciate: big yellow taxi and i feel it should have been named big yellow taxi itself, as the ciate polish seems more green based compared with the orange tones to this yellow. that being said, i can honestly say i love this colour! so beautiful and summery. i don't like some of barry m's formulas but this one seems great!

in other news - got my ears re-pierced today to find that they don't re-pierce old holes.. meaning i will have random holes in my ears, AND it hurt like a bitch. but the good news is i got some gorgeous earings for free which are rainbow coloured diamonds. can't complain.

(i also created this leapord print design, tutorial to come soon!)

Friday, 26 August 2011

what have i learnt today?


ah. the art of contouring. it has taken me several months to work out exactly how to make my cheek bones stand out and i've realised, this is the way! also, the more you contour, the better your black and white photos come out. this will be so useful for me in the near future as i'm filming a trailer as part of my A-level coursework and will be doing my actor/actress' makeup myself. awesome!

Saturday, 20 August 2011

a-z of sarah.

hello, i got this from Hannah's blog - check her out she's one of my favourite bloggers :)

- most recent picture of me..
A – Age : 16
B- Bed size: single
C – Chore You Hate: washing up :$
D – Day: friday
F – Favorite Color: duck egg blue
G – Gold or Silver: gold
H – Height: 5’4
I – Instrument: i can play the guitar!
J – Job Title: i work for a company which relocates business over summer (it's more interesting that it sounds..) and have applied at Dunelm Mill, fingers crossed! Oh and i'm a student going into sixth form in september
K – Kids: find them annoying right now, but i'd probably like 3.
L – Live: berkshire
M – Mum’s Name: debbie
N – Nicknames: saz.. D:
O – Overnight stay at hospital: broke my arm!
P – Pet Peeve: when people scratch their skin really loudly.. euuurgh
Q – Quote from a Movie/TV show: this one time.. at band camp.. haha. i love the american pie movies.
R – Right or left-handed: right-handed
S – Siblings: brother, chris, 5 years older.
T – Time you wake up: i wake up around half 7 everyday even on weekends :(
U – Unique about you: i am absoloutely terrified of collar bones.
V – Vegetable you hate: gherkins. bluuuurgh.
W – What makes you run late: long showers..
X – X-rays you’ve had: broken arm
Y – Yummy food you make: i make amazing pasta, top notch.
Z – Zodiak sign: virgo!

me and my best friend ashlee - this photo is 2 years old now! :')


1. urghhhhhh. i've really not been feeling it lately. i've been working non-stop and not been feeling great hence the lack of posts. you know the days when you just can't be bothered to do ANYTHING, feeling like the duvet is your best friend.. i've been having plenty of those. i've also wanted to avoid the fact i am GROWING UP, with a few weeks until my first driving lesson, applying for a new job and joining a new sixth form.
2. GCSE RESULTS need I say any more? petrified.. ( i am only a few weeks from being 17, i'm an oldy in my year group)
3. haven't actually been inspired to write anything but now i'm back!

also, go follow Jessica .. she's a lovely girl, I won the bourjois chocolate bronzer from her competition and recieved it within a few days..and there was a lovely note :) she often has competions but not to forget the content on her blog is really informative and helpful and she's very honest!


Tuesday, 9 August 2011

foxy locks extensions!

oh my gosh, i recieved my extensions this morning and i love them so much!
i got the 120g in the colour #60. they almost match my hair perfectly, i may dye them as they are 100% REMY human hair, although I might just leave them.. i like the two colours together! they are the perfect length. i'm so impressed, they cost £56 and shipping only took 1 day. amazing.

what do you think? :)

you can get your own at


Saturday, 6 August 2011

MAC shale e/s review

i really felt like I had to do a decent review on Shale. At first, I had no idea what to do with it, it made my eyes look bruised as an all over colour, it just looked plain bad when I put it in the crease.. but i've finally worked out how to use it and it's lovely!!

I put it just in the outer corner and used some white eyeshadow in the inner corner.. I have to say i love it. it's so simple and beautiful. The actual product itself (in the container) is strange, it doesn't seem to make ANY powdery bits when you swirl your brush around in it so i'm thinking it will last me quite a while, which is good because i'm really liking this colour at the moment :)

Saturday, 30 July 2011


reaaaally quickly, i wanted to share with you my nail of the day! this is ELF's nail varnish in the colour coral, which has recieved some appaling reviews but i honestly think it's gorgeous.
I would describe it as rose pink with gold undertones. :)

gaah im such a sucker for nailvarnish. i change colours every few days!

Sunday, 17 July 2011

the perfect smokey eye

hello lovelies! i thought today i'd do a little post on how i create the perfect smokey eye.

this is what i created.
Personally, I prefer smokey eye's which are not ''true black''. I think a dark grey compliments my skin tone better as i'm really pale.

When creating a smokey eye here are some tips to remember :
- do not powder over your foundation before starting your eye (this way, any fall out can be wiped off easily with a makeup wipe)
- prime your eye with a good quality primer.
- use brushes which will blend the black out rather than having a 'block of colour'

and here are the products i used for this particular look.
- photoready foundation mixed with elf eyelid primer for the primer.
- the only colour i used maxfactor earth spirits eyeshadow
- ELF studio cream eyeliner in black
- collection 2000 big fake mascara
- maybelline expert eyes kohl eye pencil black crayon orientál
- MAC 224 brush
- ELF eyeshadow 'c' brush
- Ruby & Millie eyeliner brush

the secret to the perfect smokey eye is blending

1) first, prime your eyes with a good quality primer or a mix of foundation & primer
2) sweep the eyeshadow over your eye. this does not need to be neat.
3) blend the colour out into the crease, and outer corner to achieve ''smokeyness''
4) apply a thick liquid liner on your eyelid.
5) apply pencil eyeliner into your waterline and tightline
6) apply your mascara THICK
7) remove any fallout with a wet-wipe and you're finished!

hope this has helped!

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

HAUL- Mac, Primark, Newlook, Barry M.

Hello m'lovelies! Just got back from shopping, and thought i'd share with the world what i got. I supsect this will be a picture heavy post so I apologise in advance for that :P
So firstly i stopped at MAC. I only bought 2 things as i'm running out of disposable income.. haha. (back to work tomorrow though!)

The first thing I bought was the frost lipstick Costa Chic. I love this SO much. It's like a coral-y orange-y peach-y. It's beautiful. It's slightly different on the lips than in the tube- it's more orangey red, but its perfect if you're pale and not QUITE ready to go for a bold red lip. (Click the image to see the swatch/colour bigger)

Next I got the eyeshadow in Shale. It's a beautiful outer corner colour. It's hard to describe but it's like a grey purple with a blueish grey reflex. gooooorgeous. Probably my new favourite colour.

Next I went to Boots and picked up the Barry M nailpants effects in black and pink. I really like the black but i'm not sure about the pink, it seems quite watery considering you're only allowed to used one coat.

Next.. Primark. I had a VERY LARGE bag and medium bag of stuff. I got a gorgeous bag:

This was £10. Then I got a few Chiffon/sheery material tops. Loving those at the moment!

I got this red chiffon blouse which i thought was really cute for work tucked into a plain black skirt. Would also suit for 6th form :)

I got this lovely shawl-type top which was £8, it's lovely in a dark beige, quite tribal inspired which is what is in all the shops right now.

Thanks for reading :)

Monday, 11 July 2011

mini MAC haul / review

I'M BACK! It's been a while, but i've been on holiday and have caught a nice summer glow! So on the way to Portugal I spent some time in duty free, particularly in the mac store.. so I bought 3 things. I wish i had bought more :( But anyway here's 3 little things i purchased!

Firstly I got the Mineralised Skin Finish (bronzer) in Gold Deposit.

it is gorgeous! especially with a bit of a tan, although it is shimmery I used it as a contour, aswell as bronzer and i sometimes use it in place of blusher. It's so pretty, and versatile. I could also see this being used as an eyeshadow. It's a beautiful colour, i love it so much.

Next I got Mythology eyeshadow.

I really wanted a bronze with gold undertones for summer, and this is the perfect shade.

I do prefer shimmery eyeshadows to matte, they seem more pigmented, more blendable..so i absoloutely adore this colour. I learnt that blue eyes should choose eyeshadows with red undertones to bring out the eyecolour (green choose purple, and brown choose blue/green) - anyway, so this was the perfect eyeshadow colour for me.

Here is a swatch, isn't it beautiful?!

Lastly I got a very 'out there' lipstick. It's an amplified. It is VERY Nicki Minaj, but I do love her. I'm not sure why I bought this, but it is wearable if you dab it on lightly and put a nude lipgloss over. It tastes really nice too, although i'm not sure if thats all mac lipsticks or just these..Anyway. Don't get me wrong, I do like this lipstick, although I think i will only be wearing it on 'special occasions' as it is a BARBIE pink..

It is of course, Amplified (creme) - Saint Germain. I heard alot of hype about this and so naturally i had to buy it ;) I am a new MAC addict!

The colour payoff on this lipstick is amazing! It has no shimmer or glitters, and when applied to the lips is exactly the same as in the tube. This lipstick will not flatter ALL skin tones but works well for me, especially when I have a bit of a tan. I'm quite pale and peachy.

So that is all! Thanks for reading :)

Saturday, 11 June 2011


One day I was searching for fake eyelashes online and I came across this gem..
I love this website! I always get my fake lashes from here now. At first I was sooo bad but I think i'm getting better. ;)
This website has free delivery across the whole of the UK!
These are a few of my favourites;

And this is my attempt at wearing them-
first I applied a thick winged liner, I used ELF cream eyeliner in black and used my Ruby and Millie eyebrush. I love that eyeliner....

Friday, 10 June 2011

mini e.l.f haul / review

Heeeeeey fellow makeup lovers
So a few days ago I made an order from ELF, arguably one of my favourite makeup brands purely for the price.. I took advantage of the 25% off the studio line and ordered some stuffs!

I got that little jump of joy inside my heart when it arrived, like I always do..

So i'll start with the studio line. I got 2 brushes, the blush brush and the eyeshadow 'c' brush (i really liked the c brush from the £1.50 line so thought i'd give this one a try).

So this is the brush. It's quite densly packed but its sooooo soft. I really like the packaging too. It does ''pack on'' quite a lot of colour, I do really like this brush. Plus I love the smell? That may sound strange but to me these brushes smell really clean.

The next brush I chose is the blush brush. It feels really sturdy in your hand so you have good control, and it is so soft on your face. I couldn't believe the quality, I think this is a really good brush however it does shed (for me) quite a bit.

Next, I got the nailpolish in the colour 'Desert Haze' - I think this is really good for £1.50. I do think you need a few coats to get the effect you want.. for the image above I used 2 thick coats. After the first coat is applied it just looks like clear nailpolish but I really like this colour so I don't really mind having to re-apply.

Next is the cream eyeliner in black. At first I was a bit skeptical about this product..but now, I'm so glad i've got it! It's really creamy and is so easy to apply AND it stays on perfectly for hours!

It comes with a brush which is a nice gesture but is nothing to write home about. the brush is very small, it's the width of my palm and I have very small hands, so it's hard to have control. This doesn't take anything away from the product itself though which I think is amazing, after all I did buy it for the eyeliner and not for the free brush.

In terms of colour, it's not a true black..but I didn't expect it to be. It is buildable so you can get it as black as you'd want which is great.

Lastly but definitely not least.. is the therapeutic conditioning lip balm in Strawberry Créme..and OH MY GOSH. it is conditioning. I can't believe this product is £1.50, sure the packaging isnt great.. but the product itself is amazing. It goes on clear so is a great base for lipstick, however it's also amazing alone. It makes your lips so soft in no time at all and the flavour is delicious! I love it so much, I prefer it to any other lipbalm i've tried.

And all this came to.. £13.84..BARGAIN! And that's why I am a loyal ELF customer ;)

Monday, 6 June 2011

practicing for prom!

just a short post...
i'm sooo excited about prom which is on the 24th june, so i thought i'd have a little practice before

Friday, 3 June 2011

beehive is back!

i've been really loving the beehive amywinehouse-esque hairstyle recently. it's SO easy to do and this is just a quick tutorial explaining how I did it in 5 easy steps!

you will need..
bobby pins which match your hair colour. a rat-tail comb. hairspray. a cute headband or bow.

2) Take about an inch section from each side of your head and put them together at the back of your head like a ponytail.
3) pull the pony tail up to the sky as if you were styling jedward's hair..
4) back comb the underneath of this little pony tail then place to your head (it should be very voluminous now)
5) secure the beehive to your hair with the bobby pins and then give a coat of hairspray. finally attach the bow or headband infront of the beehive.

This is what mine looks like: ( excuse the dressing gown, I just had a shower)

Thursday, 2 June 2011

makeup storage

sooooo.. my makeup storage isn't particularly organised but I always think it's interesting to see other people's so here's mine.

I have an old dressing table painted white (which goes with my room furniture) and i've had it my whole life. On the top I have a stand which holds all my necklaces, and I also have hairbands and bandana's hanging off one of the mirrors (it has 3 mirrors and i dont use them all ;) ) I have little pots which hold bobby pins and hair ties aswell. I also have a pot to hold my makeup brushes! On the actual surface of the dressing table I have all my perfumes, hair products e.g hairspray, mousse and leave-in conditioner, batiste dry shampoo and heat protectant. I also have my baby shampoo for my brushes, deoderant, body sprays, facial toners and cleansers aswell as my fixplus and hand sanitisers (im a clean freak).. I also have my hairstraightners and hairdryer on a heatproof mat because im soooooooo fire concious.. LOL.

So in each drawer I keep a different type of makeup.
In the top left I have face and lip products.

I apologise IN ADVANCE at how dirty some of the products look!! I honestly can't see it in natural lighting and the flash of the camera has really brought it out :(
So in here I have ALL my lip products in the leapord-print pink bag. To the left I have my face powders (foundation setting powders AND anti-shine). Above that is my foundations, I only have 3 right now as I threw the others out because they were getting old. My favourite one on the right which I wear EVERY DAY is amazing, it's the Maybelline 24h SuperStay micro-flex stretch formula in the colour 005 light beige. It has an SPF of 19 which is really good, and it's quite pale but the perfect shade for me BEFORE my summer holiday! :) I also have Maxfactor colour adapt in 45 warm almond which is the foundation I use after my holiday which matches my tanned skin perfectly. I also get a lot of freckles and this has a decent coverage so masks them slightly. I then also have a cheap foundation for when I CBA.. Rimmel STAY MATTE in 003 pale biscuit. I only use a tiny bit as this is a tad dark for me but I will wear this on days i'm not going 'out out' so if I were just popping to sainsburys or similar, it does not have great coverage but does the job.
Behind the foundations I have my blushers I have 2 ELF ones and a little freebie Maxfactor cream blush WHICH I LOVE! It has lasted me ages as you only need a tiny bit. Behind that I have my compacts, I have a NEXT bronzer which is actually amazing quality, underneath that I have the ELF H.D powder which i'm not totally sure about yet, and underneath that I have the ELF complexion perfection which is good for under-eye circles and then finally under that I have ELF blusher and bronzer which is basically a dupe of Nars (or so I have been told).
Next to that I have a ELF makeup collection (was a free gift) and then I have a cheapy 17 bronzer, and the NEXT shimmer powder which is a great cheek highlight.

(PHEWWW this is alot of writing)

The next draw down is my nail draw, I won't go into much detail as I go for all the same colour tones- pinks and pastel colours although I do have a few blacks and plums. In this drawer I also have nail files and handcream aswell as toe seperators.

This next drawer is my 'eyes' drawer. All my mascaras are kept in the black and gold bag. At the front left hand corner I keep my undereye concealers, eyelid primers and eyeliners. In the right hand front corner I just have glitter liners, one barry m two collection 2000 and 3 unbranded.. I also have a foundation in here but I think it is USELESS. it's the dream creamy foundation by maybelline but it's pants. Mine has gone watery after only 1 use and it's lump and just blurgh.. but it does do the job for an eyelid primer so I keep it in the eye drawer. I also have all my single eyeshadows (under the bag) and eyeshadow paletts and some eyemakeup remover pads.

Here are my mascara's.. I do have quite a few and this is after throwing out LOADS As you can probably tell I adore collection 2000 big fake mascara, the brush is massive and it's soo good, such a true black and it doesn't clump. I like to wear very thick mascara and this is excellent. i do have a few others but i mainly use that so i won't name the others.

And that is my makeup collection! I don't have THAT much but my collection is always growing ;) just a little bit of a growing obsession.. I do have some bigger 'kits' of makeup which go underneath my dressing table - I have a rubie and millie box set and a red herring nail kit and a little bag with all my fake lashes in.. but that's a bit boring to look at. I hope this didnt bore you too much! :)