Saturday, 30 July 2011


reaaaally quickly, i wanted to share with you my nail of the day! this is ELF's nail varnish in the colour coral, which has recieved some appaling reviews but i honestly think it's gorgeous.
I would describe it as rose pink with gold undertones. :)

gaah im such a sucker for nailvarnish. i change colours every few days!

Sunday, 17 July 2011

the perfect smokey eye

hello lovelies! i thought today i'd do a little post on how i create the perfect smokey eye.

this is what i created.
Personally, I prefer smokey eye's which are not ''true black''. I think a dark grey compliments my skin tone better as i'm really pale.

When creating a smokey eye here are some tips to remember :
- do not powder over your foundation before starting your eye (this way, any fall out can be wiped off easily with a makeup wipe)
- prime your eye with a good quality primer.
- use brushes which will blend the black out rather than having a 'block of colour'

and here are the products i used for this particular look.
- photoready foundation mixed with elf eyelid primer for the primer.
- the only colour i used maxfactor earth spirits eyeshadow
- ELF studio cream eyeliner in black
- collection 2000 big fake mascara
- maybelline expert eyes kohl eye pencil black crayon orientál
- MAC 224 brush
- ELF eyeshadow 'c' brush
- Ruby & Millie eyeliner brush

the secret to the perfect smokey eye is blending

1) first, prime your eyes with a good quality primer or a mix of foundation & primer
2) sweep the eyeshadow over your eye. this does not need to be neat.
3) blend the colour out into the crease, and outer corner to achieve ''smokeyness''
4) apply a thick liquid liner on your eyelid.
5) apply pencil eyeliner into your waterline and tightline
6) apply your mascara THICK
7) remove any fallout with a wet-wipe and you're finished!

hope this has helped!

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

HAUL- Mac, Primark, Newlook, Barry M.

Hello m'lovelies! Just got back from shopping, and thought i'd share with the world what i got. I supsect this will be a picture heavy post so I apologise in advance for that :P
So firstly i stopped at MAC. I only bought 2 things as i'm running out of disposable income.. haha. (back to work tomorrow though!)

The first thing I bought was the frost lipstick Costa Chic. I love this SO much. It's like a coral-y orange-y peach-y. It's beautiful. It's slightly different on the lips than in the tube- it's more orangey red, but its perfect if you're pale and not QUITE ready to go for a bold red lip. (Click the image to see the swatch/colour bigger)

Next I got the eyeshadow in Shale. It's a beautiful outer corner colour. It's hard to describe but it's like a grey purple with a blueish grey reflex. gooooorgeous. Probably my new favourite colour.

Next I went to Boots and picked up the Barry M nailpants effects in black and pink. I really like the black but i'm not sure about the pink, it seems quite watery considering you're only allowed to used one coat.

Next.. Primark. I had a VERY LARGE bag and medium bag of stuff. I got a gorgeous bag:

This was £10. Then I got a few Chiffon/sheery material tops. Loving those at the moment!

I got this red chiffon blouse which i thought was really cute for work tucked into a plain black skirt. Would also suit for 6th form :)

I got this lovely shawl-type top which was £8, it's lovely in a dark beige, quite tribal inspired which is what is in all the shops right now.

Thanks for reading :)

Monday, 11 July 2011

mini MAC haul / review

I'M BACK! It's been a while, but i've been on holiday and have caught a nice summer glow! So on the way to Portugal I spent some time in duty free, particularly in the mac store.. so I bought 3 things. I wish i had bought more :( But anyway here's 3 little things i purchased!

Firstly I got the Mineralised Skin Finish (bronzer) in Gold Deposit.

it is gorgeous! especially with a bit of a tan, although it is shimmery I used it as a contour, aswell as bronzer and i sometimes use it in place of blusher. It's so pretty, and versatile. I could also see this being used as an eyeshadow. It's a beautiful colour, i love it so much.

Next I got Mythology eyeshadow.

I really wanted a bronze with gold undertones for summer, and this is the perfect shade.

I do prefer shimmery eyeshadows to matte, they seem more pigmented, more i absoloutely adore this colour. I learnt that blue eyes should choose eyeshadows with red undertones to bring out the eyecolour (green choose purple, and brown choose blue/green) - anyway, so this was the perfect eyeshadow colour for me.

Here is a swatch, isn't it beautiful?!

Lastly I got a very 'out there' lipstick. It's an amplified. It is VERY Nicki Minaj, but I do love her. I'm not sure why I bought this, but it is wearable if you dab it on lightly and put a nude lipgloss over. It tastes really nice too, although i'm not sure if thats all mac lipsticks or just these..Anyway. Don't get me wrong, I do like this lipstick, although I think i will only be wearing it on 'special occasions' as it is a BARBIE pink..

It is of course, Amplified (creme) - Saint Germain. I heard alot of hype about this and so naturally i had to buy it ;) I am a new MAC addict!

The colour payoff on this lipstick is amazing! It has no shimmer or glitters, and when applied to the lips is exactly the same as in the tube. This lipstick will not flatter ALL skin tones but works well for me, especially when I have a bit of a tan. I'm quite pale and peachy.

So that is all! Thanks for reading :)