Friday, 3 June 2011

beehive is back!

i've been really loving the beehive amywinehouse-esque hairstyle recently. it's SO easy to do and this is just a quick tutorial explaining how I did it in 5 easy steps!

you will need..
bobby pins which match your hair colour. a rat-tail comb. hairspray. a cute headband or bow.

2) Take about an inch section from each side of your head and put them together at the back of your head like a ponytail.
3) pull the pony tail up to the sky as if you were styling jedward's hair..
4) back comb the underneath of this little pony tail then place to your head (it should be very voluminous now)
5) secure the beehive to your hair with the bobby pins and then give a coat of hairspray. finally attach the bow or headband infront of the beehive.

This is what mine looks like: ( excuse the dressing gown, I just had a shower)


  1. Love the look.. its really cute and girly.. First time on your blog, its really nice. You'll definitely be seeing more of Posh Culture on here..

  2. Oh this looks so cute, I love the headband, I always do this when my hair's feeling a bit flat, it's so easy to do and just instantly makes my hair a bit more interesting x

  3. Your hair looks super soft and shiney x