Tuesday, 30 August 2011


this is YELLOW by Barry M. such a beautiful vibrant colour, this only took two coats. it's more of an orange based yellow compared with ciate: big yellow taxi and i feel it should have been named big yellow taxi itself, as the ciate polish seems more green based compared with the orange tones to this yellow. that being said, i can honestly say i love this colour! so beautiful and summery. i don't like some of barry m's formulas but this one seems great!

in other news - got my ears re-pierced today to find that they don't re-pierce old holes.. meaning i will have random holes in my ears, AND it hurt like a bitch. but the good news is i got some gorgeous earings for free which are rainbow coloured diamonds. can't complain.

(i also created this leapord print design, tutorial to come soon!)

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