Sunday, 17 July 2011

the perfect smokey eye

hello lovelies! i thought today i'd do a little post on how i create the perfect smokey eye.

this is what i created.
Personally, I prefer smokey eye's which are not ''true black''. I think a dark grey compliments my skin tone better as i'm really pale.

When creating a smokey eye here are some tips to remember :
- do not powder over your foundation before starting your eye (this way, any fall out can be wiped off easily with a makeup wipe)
- prime your eye with a good quality primer.
- use brushes which will blend the black out rather than having a 'block of colour'

and here are the products i used for this particular look.
- photoready foundation mixed with elf eyelid primer for the primer.
- the only colour i used maxfactor earth spirits eyeshadow
- ELF studio cream eyeliner in black
- collection 2000 big fake mascara
- maybelline expert eyes kohl eye pencil black crayon orientál
- MAC 224 brush
- ELF eyeshadow 'c' brush
- Ruby & Millie eyeliner brush

the secret to the perfect smokey eye is blending

1) first, prime your eyes with a good quality primer or a mix of foundation & primer
2) sweep the eyeshadow over your eye. this does not need to be neat.
3) blend the colour out into the crease, and outer corner to achieve ''smokeyness''
4) apply a thick liquid liner on your eyelid.
5) apply pencil eyeliner into your waterline and tightline
6) apply your mascara THICK
7) remove any fallout with a wet-wipe and you're finished!

hope this has helped!


  1. love the smokey eyes look and you do it very well, love it! xx

  2. thanks! i love it too.. although for sure, i only wear it when i'm going out :) xx

  3. Check out my blog, I have awarded you something! xx

  4. wow, your eyes look absolutely amazing! they look like fake or done by an actress' make up team! and your guide was super easy, i suck at makeup but i think i will try this! :)

  5. hey beautiful glad u enjoyed my accessories article, stunning smokey eyes btw xx

  6. You have stunning eyes. Lovely makeup, now following x