Friday, 10 June 2011

mini e.l.f haul / review

Heeeeeey fellow makeup lovers
So a few days ago I made an order from ELF, arguably one of my favourite makeup brands purely for the price.. I took advantage of the 25% off the studio line and ordered some stuffs!

I got that little jump of joy inside my heart when it arrived, like I always do..

So i'll start with the studio line. I got 2 brushes, the blush brush and the eyeshadow 'c' brush (i really liked the c brush from the £1.50 line so thought i'd give this one a try).

So this is the brush. It's quite densly packed but its sooooo soft. I really like the packaging too. It does ''pack on'' quite a lot of colour, I do really like this brush. Plus I love the smell? That may sound strange but to me these brushes smell really clean.

The next brush I chose is the blush brush. It feels really sturdy in your hand so you have good control, and it is so soft on your face. I couldn't believe the quality, I think this is a really good brush however it does shed (for me) quite a bit.

Next, I got the nailpolish in the colour 'Desert Haze' - I think this is really good for £1.50. I do think you need a few coats to get the effect you want.. for the image above I used 2 thick coats. After the first coat is applied it just looks like clear nailpolish but I really like this colour so I don't really mind having to re-apply.

Next is the cream eyeliner in black. At first I was a bit skeptical about this product..but now, I'm so glad i've got it! It's really creamy and is so easy to apply AND it stays on perfectly for hours!

It comes with a brush which is a nice gesture but is nothing to write home about. the brush is very small, it's the width of my palm and I have very small hands, so it's hard to have control. This doesn't take anything away from the product itself though which I think is amazing, after all I did buy it for the eyeliner and not for the free brush.

In terms of colour, it's not a true black..but I didn't expect it to be. It is buildable so you can get it as black as you'd want which is great.

Lastly but definitely not least.. is the therapeutic conditioning lip balm in Strawberry Créme..and OH MY GOSH. it is conditioning. I can't believe this product is £1.50, sure the packaging isnt great.. but the product itself is amazing. It goes on clear so is a great base for lipstick, however it's also amazing alone. It makes your lips so soft in no time at all and the flavour is delicious! I love it so much, I prefer it to any other lipbalm i've tried.

And all this came to.. £13.84..BARGAIN! And that's why I am a loyal ELF customer ;)

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  1. I have almost all of these products xD except for desert haze xD.. I think your choice was brilliant you're going to love them xD