Thursday, 2 June 2011

makeup storage

sooooo.. my makeup storage isn't particularly organised but I always think it's interesting to see other people's so here's mine.

I have an old dressing table painted white (which goes with my room furniture) and i've had it my whole life. On the top I have a stand which holds all my necklaces, and I also have hairbands and bandana's hanging off one of the mirrors (it has 3 mirrors and i dont use them all ;) ) I have little pots which hold bobby pins and hair ties aswell. I also have a pot to hold my makeup brushes! On the actual surface of the dressing table I have all my perfumes, hair products e.g hairspray, mousse and leave-in conditioner, batiste dry shampoo and heat protectant. I also have my baby shampoo for my brushes, deoderant, body sprays, facial toners and cleansers aswell as my fixplus and hand sanitisers (im a clean freak).. I also have my hairstraightners and hairdryer on a heatproof mat because im soooooooo fire concious.. LOL.

So in each drawer I keep a different type of makeup.
In the top left I have face and lip products.

I apologise IN ADVANCE at how dirty some of the products look!! I honestly can't see it in natural lighting and the flash of the camera has really brought it out :(
So in here I have ALL my lip products in the leapord-print pink bag. To the left I have my face powders (foundation setting powders AND anti-shine). Above that is my foundations, I only have 3 right now as I threw the others out because they were getting old. My favourite one on the right which I wear EVERY DAY is amazing, it's the Maybelline 24h SuperStay micro-flex stretch formula in the colour 005 light beige. It has an SPF of 19 which is really good, and it's quite pale but the perfect shade for me BEFORE my summer holiday! :) I also have Maxfactor colour adapt in 45 warm almond which is the foundation I use after my holiday which matches my tanned skin perfectly. I also get a lot of freckles and this has a decent coverage so masks them slightly. I then also have a cheap foundation for when I CBA.. Rimmel STAY MATTE in 003 pale biscuit. I only use a tiny bit as this is a tad dark for me but I will wear this on days i'm not going 'out out' so if I were just popping to sainsburys or similar, it does not have great coverage but does the job.
Behind the foundations I have my blushers I have 2 ELF ones and a little freebie Maxfactor cream blush WHICH I LOVE! It has lasted me ages as you only need a tiny bit. Behind that I have my compacts, I have a NEXT bronzer which is actually amazing quality, underneath that I have the ELF H.D powder which i'm not totally sure about yet, and underneath that I have the ELF complexion perfection which is good for under-eye circles and then finally under that I have ELF blusher and bronzer which is basically a dupe of Nars (or so I have been told).
Next to that I have a ELF makeup collection (was a free gift) and then I have a cheapy 17 bronzer, and the NEXT shimmer powder which is a great cheek highlight.

(PHEWWW this is alot of writing)

The next draw down is my nail draw, I won't go into much detail as I go for all the same colour tones- pinks and pastel colours although I do have a few blacks and plums. In this drawer I also have nail files and handcream aswell as toe seperators.

This next drawer is my 'eyes' drawer. All my mascaras are kept in the black and gold bag. At the front left hand corner I keep my undereye concealers, eyelid primers and eyeliners. In the right hand front corner I just have glitter liners, one barry m two collection 2000 and 3 unbranded.. I also have a foundation in here but I think it is USELESS. it's the dream creamy foundation by maybelline but it's pants. Mine has gone watery after only 1 use and it's lump and just blurgh.. but it does do the job for an eyelid primer so I keep it in the eye drawer. I also have all my single eyeshadows (under the bag) and eyeshadow paletts and some eyemakeup remover pads.

Here are my mascara's.. I do have quite a few and this is after throwing out LOADS As you can probably tell I adore collection 2000 big fake mascara, the brush is massive and it's soo good, such a true black and it doesn't clump. I like to wear very thick mascara and this is excellent. i do have a few others but i mainly use that so i won't name the others.

And that is my makeup collection! I don't have THAT much but my collection is always growing ;) just a little bit of a growing obsession.. I do have some bigger 'kits' of makeup which go underneath my dressing table - I have a rubie and millie box set and a red herring nail kit and a little bag with all my fake lashes in.. but that's a bit boring to look at. I hope this didnt bore you too much! :)


  1. Cute little storage and collection! I love posts like these, you get ideas for yourself and get to have a nosey at other peoples!!

  2. That is awesome! How cute :) You're a lot more organized than I am lol Thanks for sharing, sweetie!

  3. lovely ... i like it ..
    thanks fr the share