Tuesday, 9 August 2011

foxy locks extensions!

oh my gosh, i recieved my extensions this morning and i love them so much!
i got the 120g in the colour #60. they almost match my hair perfectly, i may dye them as they are 100% REMY human hair, although I might just leave them.. i like the two colours together! they are the perfect length. i'm so impressed, they cost £56 and shipping only took 1 day. amazing.

what do you think? :)

you can get your own at



  1. FoxyLocks were my first set of clip in extensions and even though I've had 2 pairs since I still wear them now! I've coloured mine too and found it very easy! Yours look lovely! Mel xxx

  2. I was looking for pictures of #60 and I've gotta say they look really good! Could've been lighter but still, very beautiful!