Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Primark 'Outrageous Flirt' eye shadow + blusher

Well. It goes like this...
I was shopping in Primark for hair accessories and beach cover-up type things when I saw their line of 'make up'. I say it in inverted commas because I really didn't expect much. I picked up a cute-looking compact which was marked at £3 and thought I'd try it out.

So this is the packaging, I thought it looked quite cute and similar to benefit in some ways. Inside the product is divided into two sections - the first the 'blusher' and the second the 'eyeshadow'. The compact has a mirror inside which is always nice.

This is the blusher.. My initial thoughs were "ooooooh this is pretty" as all the colours look shimmery and sparkly. I do like the colours but I can't see this being a blusher I would use. It almost seems they should be eyeshadows - the white one does seem like a good highlight. I'm really not sure about the second colour but the others are pretty. Of course for £3 you can't complain and the colours aren't that pigmented but they ARE buildable.

This is how they are displayed in the packaging. (I really do think the packaging is cute)

Next is the eyeshadows..

Now to me these seem to be all different colours - a purple, a pink, a green and a white similar to the white on the blusher side.
But the thing is, they all come out the same off-white colour just in slightly different shades. I can't say I expected much from Primark makeup buuuut this is just bad.

So overall I do NOT think this is worth £3 e.l.f sell makeup for less which is better quality. I think Primark is getting more expensive and coming out with products which are of a lower quality from when the shop first opened. Don't get me wrong I love a bit of Primarni - all the jewellry, bags and accessories are great and also the occasional dress..but I think for now I will stay away from the makeup. I'd give this product a 6/10 and that's pretty generous - I do really like the packaging though ;)

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  1. I wish my local Primark sold Makeup! I would definitely be purchasing some after reading this post. xx