Sunday, 29 May 2011

soap and glory 'scentsationalism'

This has to be the most diverse set of scents i've ever smelt! They are body spray's, so not as strong as perfume but they smell SOOOOOOO good.

The first one, Glam-a-lot, (this is the 3rd one on the image) I would call the signiture soap and glory smell. It's very sweet and sugary and not what I would call a 'mature' scent. It's very summery and smells good as a quick spray before you go out the door. I liked this one so much I have re-purchased the 250ml bottle twice and used them both!

Next is the 'Mist you Madly' spray which is described as 'flirty and floral' however i don't find it very floral at all. It is more mature than the first scent and smells kinda spicy and is very strong once you first apply. After a few minutes the scent dies down and it is more pleasent but personally this one is a bit too strong for my liking.

The final one in the pack is 'Girligo' which is actually a spray-on body moisturiser. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS ONE! It's the most gorgeous scent of candy and sugar but also really fruity! it's the consitancy of milk (and the colour!) but when sprayed onto the skin it moisturises very well. It also has a slight smell of suncream which is gorgeous for the summer. I think it's the perfect moisturiser in a very handy bottle. I love it!

Each of the bottles in the set are 100ml and they last a fair while, I think 2/3 of them are very much worth the £8.43 which they retail for. Also, they are the perfect size for your handbag!

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