Thursday, 26 May 2011

ELF everyday brights makeup palette


So this is my first blog post :-)
Today I'm going to be reviewing the ELF ( everyday brights palette. I actually recieved this quite a while ago as a free gift from ELF, but I have only recently started using it!

The collection in question is this :

With 32 pc's it is a good collection to have. It has a wide range of colours which are pigmented fairly well (some better than others) but for the price you can't complain! I use this quite alot now, and I would highly recommend it - maybe not to those who have been doing makeup a long time, but for someone who is just starting out this is P E R F E C T. I found it really useful and it helped me realise which colours 'go together' and which don't, and the range of colours allows you to get very creative!

With this kit I managed to create this look :

I actually got the inspiration for this look from the eyeslipsface facebook page. I'm pretty proud of it as i'm a bit of a noob at makeup and just starting out! Overall I think this product is very good and the darker colours do have good pigmentation for the money. The product retails at £9.00 and you get a lot of product for your pound! ;)

I hope anyone reading enjoyed this post and more will follow! :)

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