Monday, 30 May 2011

favourite makeup brushes

heeeey guys!
so i'm gonna review my favourite makeup brushes (so far!)

First is the Mac 224 brush. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this brush! It's so soft and fluffy so it's the perfect blending brush and it helps you to create the perfect smokey eye. I couldn't get over how good it was when I first recieved it, it's probably my favourite brush right now. You can also pack on quite a lot of colour with this brush and it leaves a very polished and professional look to your eye makeup. Although this makeup brush is extremely expensive from £18-22 depending where you buy.

Next is the e.l.f ( eye makeup brush which only cost me £1.50 when I first started out doing makeup, and it's still in the same condition as when I purchased it. It's really good for packing on colour in a 'sweep across the lid' type of motion. It is also good for getting colour into the crease, however it's not too good at blending BUT this brush is amazing for £1.50 so I strongly recommend it.

The Ruby and Millie eye brush is also a favourite of mine. This is a very diverse brush as it can do many things - it is great at packing on colour as well as blending, crease colour and highlight below the brow. It's extremely soft and feels well made, similar to MAC brushes. I'm not sure how much it retails for as it was a gift but i'm thinking it was on the more expensive end of the scale. This is a good brush to have when starting out though as it has many uses.

Lastly is my beloved MAC 187 - this is my all-time favourite brush. ever! I use it for liquid foundation and i love it. It buffs the foundation into the skin perfectly leaving a flawless, airbrushed finish. It feels so sturdy in the hand and although it does shed quite a bit (this is normal for a dual-fibre brush) it feels very dense in the hand although not dense enough to be stiff - this brush is so soft on your skin it feels like you're having a facial. Again, because it is a MAC product it's very expensive and retails for £31.00 on the MAC uk website but I think it is sooooooo worth it as i'm now in love with it. It's amazing I would give it 10/10.

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